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  We are at the cutting edge of ways of doing business in the legal profession. By adopting a Law Firm 2.0 model, we have fully embraced technology in order to reduce the type of brick and mortar costs that are often passed on by law firms to their clients. We are proud of this eco-friendly business model and of the teammates that have joined us in this venture. By selectively establishing collaborative relationships with trusted and skilled practitioners, we maintain the ability to provide the type of services usually associated with “Big Law.” As those fully responsible for the quality of work product, all legal work is supervised by either the Principal Attorney or Special Counsel.

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González Castañer & Morales Cordero, CSP - Established in 1989 as boutique firm dedicated exclusively to litigation, the Firm has engaged in a wide variety of civil litigation. The major areas of practice include: commercial and corporate litigation (contractual disputes, commercial and securities related arbitration, distribution contracts, banking law litigation, corporate control disputes); employment litigation in the private and public sector; civil rights litigation; insurance defense; litigation in the health sector; appellate practice; bankruptcy litigation; insurance insolvencies litigation; and litigation in other fields before the local and federal courts; government contracts and procurement; and general corporate counseling.

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