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Constitutional Law Litigation - represent government and other clients for civil rights violations and general Constitutional law and has set constitutional law precedents in the area of voting rights and equal protection law.

Administrative Law – as a former administrative law judge and member of the Committee of Experts that helped draft the Puerto Rico Uniform Administrative Act (LPAU) and as a long-time professor in the area, the law firm has significant experience in litigation before administrative agencies and appeals/review.

Law of the Workplace - general labor counsel for unions-collective bargaining negotiations, arbitration and mediation; represented as well the P.R. Department of Labor in their negotiations under law 45 granting collective bargaining rights to public employees.

Personal Injury- Experienced litigators in the area of personal injury and set the precedent in a wrongful death against a pharmaceutical company in which the Supreme Court recognized an exception to the litigation bar under the Workmen’s Compensation Act.

Family Relations- as an experienced mediator and negotiator (founder of the Center for Dispute resolution at the Inter-American University School of Law) we bring a non-litigious approach to family relations disputes, particularly in the settlement of joint ownership issues.

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